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Products & Services

We are focussed and specialized in trading and handling FMCG, Food as well as Non-Food, Commodities and industrial goods.

Our long years of trading experience on various markets across the globe has established our wide range of clients, manufacturers and suppliers. Our portfolio of products has increased and improved regularly to always supply the best to our clients.

Furthermore, our broad range of products vary from a low to high budget to meet all demands for all type of markets. We have a dedicated team which have high sourcing capacities worldwide of manufacture and suppliers. We are able to supply any product you require, additional services include financing, sourcing, logistics, insurance, inspection and warehouse.


Non Food


Personal or household care we also offer products for daily life such as tools, writing materials, household items, cosmetics and much more.

Our experienced trade team will find the right product to match your requirements for any line of business.   

Our wide range of supplier and manufacturers portfolio are producing high quality generic products under white label, this will give you a maximum of quality at competitive prices.

  • Household

  • Detergent, wash powder and other household chemicals

  • Toiletries & Cosmetics

  • Tools

  • Batteries

  • Tires

  • Office & School supplies




If you are looking for dairy products, pasta, rice, sweets, sugar, pastry products or beverages then look no further. We cater all types of food products, in all kind of qualities and sizes. Access to a wide range of suppliers and manufactures we will find the perfect product to grow your business even further.

We know how branding is important for our clients, as brand recognition is constantly on demand, we are also able to offer private labelling for many of our products.

  • Basic Foods

  • Crackers & Snacks

  • Candy & Sweets

  • Cookies & Pastries

  • Energy Drinks & Sodas

  • Other Foods

heavy 2.png



We also supply technical items for industrial companies, with a broad network of contacts and suppliers across the globe we can supply all kinds of industrial machinery.


We specialise in the African markets in the following sectors, construction, steel and transport business. The range also includes machines of all kind and sizes, automotive and heavy equipment and spare parts. However if you have something you looking for in particular then please do contact us where our highly skilled team will kindly assist you with your requirements.

  • Automotive

  • Heavy equipment

  • Spare parts

  • Industrial Machinery




Our strong hold is working with raw materials, whether it is steel made products, construction materials or even infrastructure we are here to help.


The range exceeds further by offering also soap noodles, chemicals, fertilisers or any other commodity in Food or Non-Food. We source all requested products with the best quality and take care of quantity services like logistics, inspection and insurance as well as financing.

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